Coaching services are available after your intro course. 

During coaching sessions trainers will prioritize teaching the humans how to train and interact better with their pups.

Dog training is like a duet, both parties need to know the moves for the dance to go seamlessly. 

In person private sessions and virtual private sessions are the best way to gain the knowledge and skill needed to train your pup with ease. 

Group sessions are great for practicing the principles and behaviors around distractions and to meet like minded pet parents!

Group Lesson
$70 / pet
A Dojo Trainer will guide up to 8people/dogs per group. Group lessons are best  after at least one private session. They are intended for practicing previously learned behaviors with distractions.
Private Lesson
$160 / pet
The beginning for every one at the dojo. 

During privates your dog will learn a ton, but the trainer will be focused on you, the human, taking in as much info as pawsible. 

We will teach whichever foundations of The Concrete Paw are most applicable to your current needs. 

While we are happy to meet you where ever you are having the most difficulty, keep in mind the ideal location for the first session will always be your home. 

Virtual Lesson
$85 / pet
A Dojo trainer will provide detailed instructions and demonstrate practices and behaviors using a dojo pup to assist them throughout your session.