Our coaching services become accessible following your introductory course.

During coaching sessions, our trainers focus on empowering owners to train and engage more effectively with their dogs.

Dog training is akin to a harmonious duet, where both parties must learn the steps for a seamless performance.

We offer both in-person private sessions and virtual private sessions, providing the ideal environment to acquire the knowledge and skills required for effortless dog training.

Our group sessions are perfect for honing principles and behaviors amidst distractions, and they provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow pet parents who share similar interests!

Welcome to Doggie Dojo NYC!

 Home of The Concrete Paw,

A dog training curriculum made specifically for big city pet parents. 

The Intro course is where everything starts at the Dojo!

One of our trainers will come to your home where everyone has the easiest time focusing on improvement.

During this course you and your pup will learn the first principles and foundational behaviors of the Concrete Paw. 

After this course you'll have access to our other services with a recommendation on how best to move forward from your trainer.

Try it alone, stick with privates, do some groups, or make use of our training services that focus on teaching the dog. Its up to you!

We are happy to help however we can! 

Support services become available after taking your Intro course.

During Support services our trainers focus on teaching the dog. 

Dog training is like a duet, both parties need to know the moves for the dance to go seamlessly. 

Support services are here to compliment your current training efforts and to supplement when you can't.